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Cash monitoring, cash reconciliations, timely settlement


Safekeeping, Other assets, Ownership verification, Postion Records


Convert documents to structured data

State of the art dashboards, reports and activity monitoring

Integrate and process large volumes of data

Built for reliable and secure environments

Machine learning algorithms

Easy to deploy and efficient to operate

AMC - Solution for Depositary Cash Monitoring

AMC is an easy to install solution to help identify unusual and significant cash flows in investment funds under UCITS and AIFMD regulations:

AMC overview

AMC is a software built on state of the art technology to allow easy deployment and future scalability.
It can be deployed in both large and small scale organization.

  • Upload cash movements from any number of accounts, setup limits and control!
  • Apply limits specific to each fund compartment both in absolute (EUR amount) or relative (% NAV) term
  • Flexible rules and filters to quickly navigate through cash movements
  • Cash movement review and validation workflow support
  • Be able to import cash movements from multiple sources

ARC - Solution for Depositary Cash Reconciliation Monitoring

ARC supports the full process of implementing a control plan on cash reconciliation results performed by 3rd parties

ATS - Solution for Depositary Timely Settlement Oversight

ATS supports the full process of implementing a control plan on timely settlements to oversee the follow-up from both internal and external parties.

APR - Solution for Positions Records

APR allows you to keep track of positions of all type of instruments

Keep track of your OTC derivatives positions and reconcile automatically with 3rd parties

Follow-up confirmations of positions for your Private Equity and Real Estate assets

APAAS - Alto PDF As A Service

  • Industry participants send their PDFs (prospectuses, statements...) to APAAS who takes care of extracting relevant information
  • APAAS responds within seconds with the relevant information in the chosen structured format
  • APAAS provides references for each fact extracted to trace the source and double check if needed

How do we work ?

our recipe

We believe that being close to our clients and the fund industry has been key for bringing adapted solution to the industry.

We think it will remain critical to quickly adapt to needs and new requirements.

We chose to be Made in Luxembourg !

Made in Luxembourg

We look for entrepreneur talents eager to join us on an exciting challenge!

We look for motivated individuals who really want to implement better solutions for the fund industry to join our growing team developing state of the art applications for the fund industry.

Alto has been serving the fund industry since 2009.

We also offer remote work solutions and part time options for experienced professionals.

Full stack Software Developer HTML5 / node.js

self-learner, open-source junkie, git versioning, unit tests, reuse specialist, work with local and remote teams

DevOps looking to develop and run cloud systems

self-learner, cloud deployment, azure, git versioning, support experience, work with local and remote teams

Product Manager to develop and present solutions

entrepreneur, interest in machine learning or NLP, application specialist, presentation skills, leadership

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